The Coalition for Global Hearing Health (CGHH) has acquired several full-size diagnostic audiometers, hearing aid programming hardware, otoscopes, and some office supplies from Connect Hearing that can be donated at no cost to humanitarian groups or person(s) to improve hearing health care services in developing countries. The cost of shipping or possible future repairs or additional supplies is the responsibility of the recipient. The estimated shipping weight is listed below, and the shipping cost will vary depending on the shipping destination. We will combine shipping if multiple items are requested. To be considered as a recipient of any of the items, please complete the application, when soon available below, to CGHH at tadalafil brand names

Details of the application process are almost final. We expect that this will be an online form. If you would like to be notified when the application is available please come back to this page or email tadalafil brand names and we will notify you.


Entity Person Donation 
Connect Hearing Demont Taylor Gathered all the audiometers and things and donated to CGHH 
Etymotic Research Dan Mapes-Riodan Tested all the insert earphones to see if they meet the specs 
E3 Diagnostics Janet Shreiner Donated 12 pairs of insert earphone tubing 
Northern Illinois University Kendra Andrews King Chung Sorted and cleaned the donation and calibrated the audiometers   

Review of applications:

A committee of experts appointed by the CGHH Board will review and approve or decline applications dependent upon the submitter’s proposed contribution to improved ear and hearing health in the setting for which it is requested. Each application will be notified within 90 days of application submission results of the deliberation.