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11:00 Registration
12:00 Jim Saunders Lunch / Welcome and Introductions
1:00 Break Out Sessions
How to improve advocacy with data and the media?
How do we improve training for hearing healthcare professionals?
How can we empower families, educators, communities and the hearing impaired?
What are the technical challenges and what do we need to overcome them?
How do we insure best practices and standard of care?
3:00 Discussion of Break Out Sessions and Developing Action Items for CGHH
4:30 Open Forum / Reports from Programs (5 minute each)
Speakers TBA
5:30 Reception
6:00 Jackie Clark Introduction of Keynote Speaker
6:05 Shelly Chadha Global Ear & Hearing Health: Where do we start?
6:50 Questions and Conclusion
Dinner on your own
SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 Plenary Sessions
Technology: Harness what we have, get ready for what’s next
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Howard Weinstein The Ark was made by an amateur, the Titanic by professionals. Having Micro- entrepreneurs to do hearing screening and distribution of hearing aids
8:15 Johnn Ribera Telehealth in Audiology: Globalization of hearing healthcare services
8:30 Jean Johnson Implementing Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Services in the Remote and Rural Islands of the Pacific
8:45 Abi Sriharan Addressing Neonatal Hearing Loss Burden: a case study of Qatar Summary
9:00 Ricardo Ferreira Bento Fitting hearing aids through Telemedicine – How to enhance public policies in Brazil
9:15 Discussion
9:30 Coffee Break
Training: How to improve workforce and skills shortages
9:45 David M. Barrs, MD Training and success rates for otologic surgery in developing countries
10:00 David Pither Audiology Training Models in Developing Countries The Ears Inc experience
10:15 Richard Gans Title: Education without Boundaries: A Global Audiology/Hearing Care Assistant Certificate
10:30 Barry A. Freeman, Ph.D. & Ian M. Windmill, Ph.D.
Meeting global demand for hearing care with a universal education standard
10:45 Laura Napolitano Peterson Uniques Challenges and Solutions for Teacher of the Deaf Training in the Dominican Republic
11:00 Paige Stringer & Martha Harney The Ripple Effect of a Powerful Idea — Training the Trainer for Sustainability in Vietnam Summary of presentation
11:15 Discussion
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Diego Santana-Hernandez CBM Strategy 2011-2015 in Ear and Hearing Care
12:45 Glyn Vaughan & Jean Johnson All Ears Cambodia
1:00 James D. Smith A Spectrum of Ear Disease in a Nigerian General Hospital
1:15 Ricardo Ferreira Bento & Leticia Baraky Disabling hearing loss in developing country: population-based cross-sectional study
1:30 Jay C. Buckey Hearing Loss and HIV Infection
1:45 Discussion
1:45 Break
Measuring Outcomes: Working toward Best Practices and Ethical Care
2:00 Lana Shekim NIH Funding of Global Health Research
2:15 Joanne N. Travers Parent Support and Participation
2:30 Gilbert R. Herer Intellectual Disabilities Mask Hearing Loss
2:45 Kalyani Mandke M-learning and Empowering hearing Impaired Youth
3:00 Susan Marchese Greco Raising Awareness and Donations for NGOs Through Digital and Social Media
3:15 Janet DesGeorges Empowering Families, Educators, and Communities: The Relevance of Family Support Worldwide
3:30 Cheryl DeConde Johnson Global Outcomes for Educational Services for Children and Youth who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
3:15 Discussion
4:00 Wrap up and Discussion of Action Items