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8:30 Technology (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Katrin Neumann
 xanax dosages Clinical Validity of hearScreen? Smartphone Hearing Screening for School Children Faheema Mohomed-Asmail, et al
Enabling Us to Experience Equal Access via Technology Karunya Samuel, et al
Mobile Tablet Audiometry- Building a Low Cost School Screening Program Matthew Bromwich


Social Business as Vehicle to Democratize Access to Hearing Aids Howard Weinstein
9:45 Technology (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Lady Jean Wilson
Understanding and Living with a Cochlear Implant: A Psychotherapeutic Approach Magteld Smith
Validation of Smart Phone Apps as an Environmental Noise Monitoring Tool and its Application… Titus Ibekwe, et al
Evaluation of uHear iPhone App for Hearing Screening Shazia Peer, et al
Tele-Audiology in Africa: The Story Evolves Shannon Kruyt
Applying Public Health Strategies to Reduce the Burden of Hearing Loss Daksha Patel, et al
11:00 Break (15 Minutes)
11:15 Advocacy (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Shelly Chadha
A Global Perspective at Ensuring Hearing Health Accountability Tawny Holmes, et al
Assessment of Status of Ear & Hearing Care in South East Asia Region Dr Suneela Garg, et al
Assessing and Meeting the Needs of the People in Arima, Trinidad Crystal Wiggins
The Global Status of Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening Katrin Neumann
Hexagenarians Up! Aural Rehabilitation of Elderly Khmers with Disabling Deafness Jean Johnson, et al
16:15 Empowering Families/ Communities (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Joanne Travers
Empowering Parent Leaders in Yinchuan, China Candace Lindow-Davies, et al
Parents as Partners Lisa Kovacs
New Resources in Deaf Education-Setting Language in Motion: Family Suports and Early Intervention for Babies who Debra Nussbaum, et al
Hearing Loss Prevention Program in DR Congo A.N. Kalombo
8:30 Training & Education (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Suneela Garg
HEARS: A Community-Delivered, Affordable, Accessible Hearing Care Intervention for Older Adults Carrie Nieman, et al
A Program to Educate and Train Audiometry Technicians in Nicaragua; Developing A Sustainable Audiology … Mark Sanders, et al
A Sustainable Model to Increase Capacity in Vietnam to Serve Young Children With Hearing Loss Paige Stringer
Community-Based Education Model for Promoting Early Childhood Hearing Outreach Lindsay Boudurant, et al
9:45 Training & Education (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Lindsay Bondurant
Introduction of Cued Amharic to Ethiopian Deaf Education Miriam Redleaf
NIH Funding for Global Health Research Lana Shekim
On Pursuit of a Sustainable International Service Project in Otology—Is ‘Teach A Man To Fish’ Paradigm Sufficient? Ashkan Monfared
Otologic Surgery Training in a Rural Ethiopian Community Miriam Redleaf
Understanding Variability in Literacy Growth for Deaf Children with Different Characteristics Different Language Expe Thomas Allen
11:00 Break
11:15 Training & Education (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Dave Fabry
Satisfied? Sustaining Community-Based Hearing Health Care Ronald Brouillette
Global Standard Practice (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Dave Fabry
The Hear the World Foundatino, External Donors and Audiology Service Development: Lessons From Malawi John Bamford, et al
Relations of Hard of Hearing Persons and Hearing Health Professionals in Light of the New Hearing Technologies Avi Blau
The UN CRPD and Deaf People Joseph Murray
12:15 Global Standard Practice (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: Diego Santana-Hernandez
Doing What Works – The Evolution of Project EAR in the Dominican Republic Edward Dodson
Instant Earmolds Options – A Review of the Old and New King Chung, et al
Considerations in Facilitating Development of Signed and Spoken Language With Young Children Who Are Deaf or Ha Christi Batamula, et al
Why is More Evidence Needed Globally on the Burden of Hearing Loss and How Can We Get It? Joanna Anderson, et al
All Deaf Children Should be Taught A Sign Language Donna Napoli, et al
13:15 Lunch (on your own)
Global Standard Practice (Andrew Foster Auditorium) Mod: King Chung
Cargo Culture & Audiology in the 21st Century David Pither
Challenges to Identifying Newborn Hearing Loss on Remote and Rural Islands Jean Johnson, et al
Closing the Gap When Working With Spanish Speaking Families Lucia Quinonez, et al
A Model for Training Audiology-Proficiency Personnel Giri Sundar, et al
Intellectual Disabilities and Hearing Loss: The Forgotten Many Identified by a Public Health Model of Hearing Health Gilbert Herer
15:00 Break
15:15 Global Standard Practice Mod: Andrew Smith
Thinking Locally and Globally. Fresh Perspectives on Applying Three Decades of Research into Epidemiology into … Adrian Davis, et al
Designing a Model Program to Maximize Impact for Global Hearing Health Dave Fabry
The Ask and the Task of Hearing Parents of Children Who are Deaf Learning Sign Language Neethie ( Lavanithum) Joseph
Make Listening Safe: A Global Initiative for All Shelly Chadha
Working Towards a Global Outreach in Ear and Hearing Care Diego Santana-Hernandez
16:15 Last Words- Way Forward (Andrew Foster Auditorium)