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Major Accomplishments at the WHO to advance the cause of Global Hearing Health!

Major Accomplishments at the WHO to advance the cause of Global Hearing Health!

On May 31st, the Executive Board of the World Health Organization approved a motion for a new resolution on Hearing Loss to be presented to the World Health Assembly (WHA) in 2017. The last WHA resolution for the prevention of hearing impairment was passed on 12 May 1995. Twenty one years later, the estimated number affected by disabling hearing loss has increased 300%, to 360 million people worldwide, with two-thirds of affected individuals living in low- and middle-income countries and the vast majority of these individuals do not have access to any services for their hearing loss. Under the leadership of the International Society for Audiology and after several years of advocacy by dedicated Coalition for Global Hearing Health members and affiliates around the world along with several other committed organizations, the WHO Executive Board has taken the critical step toward a new updated resolution for hearing loss. The draft resolution can be found at

This motion was verbally supported by representatives from many member state countries, including Colombia, Philippines, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo (on behalf of the 47 African countries), China, Canada, Bhutan, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, India, and Algeria. The statements of these dignitaries can be viewed at (the parts pertaining to hearing loss can be found from 53 minutes to 1hr 50 minutes).

Thanks to all involved for making this milestone in making hearing health a priority possible!

From Left to right:  Mr. Michael Chowen, CBE (Society of Sound Hearing), Dr. George Tavartkiladze (Secretary-General, International Society of Audiology); Dr. Alarcos Cieza; Dr. Shelly Chadha (WHO, Technical Officer of Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss); Dr. Etienne Krug (WHO, Director of Department for NCD, NVIP); Dr. Diego Santana-Hernández, Senior Advisor for Ear & Hearing Care, CBM)DSC00975
DSC00975The Executive Board deliberating over the  proposed Resolution

7th Annual Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference: Call for Abstracts

The purpose of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health is to advocate for effective hearing health services and policies, to equip and empower hearing healthcare professionals, families, educators, communities and those with hearing loss, and to encourage and perpetuate best practices. These activities contribute to our Mission Statement to promote and enhance hearing health services in low-resource communities.

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Global mHealth Research Training Institute at the US NIH

Fogarty’s Center for Global Health Studies (CGHS) will host a four-day Global mHealth Research Training Institute at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s main campus in Bethesda, Maryland, June 6-9, 2016.

For more information please refer to announcement
The application deadline is 2/29/16.

WHO Fact Sheet on Pediatric Hearing Loss

In honor of March 3 World Hearing Day, the World Health Organization has released a fact sheet about pediatric hearing loss, its implications, and how it can be addressed. This communication piece is a part of a larger effort (that transcends pediatrics to include all forms of hearing loss) to raise the visibility of hearing health globally. The end goal is that every country has hearing health resources and governmental policies to support those affected.

View the fact sheet here and please share:

Announcing a short course on Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment (PHPHI)

Sponsored by the University of Nairobi in collaboration with London School of Health and Tropical Medicine from 7th to 11th March 2016 at the University of Nairobi Chiromo Conference Center.

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