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The Fifth International Meeting on Internet & Audiology

The Fifth International Meeting on Internet & Audiology will be held on May 03-06, 2021.

Meeting Information

The Fifth International Meeting on Internet & Audiology will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to share current knowledge and facilitate the development and implementation of evidence-based methods to deliver high quality care and support to persons with hearing problems over the Internet. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has fundamentally disrupted the delivery of audiology services around the world. The pandemic has also brought telemedicine to the forefront of clinical practice and highlighted an urgent need to establish valid and effective ways to deliver audiology services remotely. The 2021 Meeting on Internet & Audiology will enable participants to consider lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic for Internet & Audiology, and emphasize the formidable challenges and unique opportunities that have arisen as the result of the pandemic.

The meeting is being planned so that presenters and attendees can participate completely online. The Fifth International Meeting on Internet and Audiology will be held online on May 3 – 6, 2021. On each of the four meeting dates there will be a 2.5 – 3 hour session organized around four themes of specific relevance to Internet and Audiology: (1) Patient-centered care and e-Health, (2) Social media and hearing care, (3) Online audiologic rehabilitation, and (4) Implementation science. We expect to preload contributions for asynchronous viewing prior to the scheduled meeting times which will allow for synchronous discussion. Synchronous session times will be selected to best accommodate participants from around the world. We aim to promote participant interaction in order to replicate the intimate atmosphere that we have achieved in previous meetings. Depending on travel and meeting restrictions, the meeting may also include local satellite hubs in several countries for in-person participation. Depending on travel and meeting restrictions, the meeting may also include local satellite hubs in several countries for in-person participation.

Please see the preliminary meeting program for further details.

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Online meeting hosted by Rush University – College of Health Sciences, Chicago, USA, May 03-06 2021

Organising Committee: Valeriy Shafiro, Jill Preminger, Gabrielle Saunders, Marieke Pronk, Laura Coco

Webmasters: Yan Li, George Vlaescu

Special Opportunity for CGHH Members

The Coalition for Global Hearing Health (CGHH) has acquired several full-size diagnostic audiometers, hearing aid programming hardware, otoscopes, and some office supplies from Connect Hearing that can be donated at no cost to humanitarian groups or person(s) to improve hearing health care services in developing countries. Please see below for details:

Click here to view the Application

Click here to view the Equipment

The CGHH would like to gratefully acknowledge the follow people and organizations who have made this donation possible:

Connect HearingDemont TaylorGathered all the audiometers and things and donated to CGHH
Etymotic ResearchDan Mapes-RiodanTested all the insert earphones to see if they meet the specs
E3 DiagnosticsJanet ShreinerDonated 12 pairs of insert earphone tubing
Northern Illinois UniversityKendra Andrews King ChungSorted and cleaned the donation and calibrated the audiometers

If you are not a member now is a great time to join us!

World Hearing Day

Follow Events and Connect with over 50 CGHH / WHF World Hearing Day Small Grant Awardees on the CGHH Facebook page ( Thanks to the contributions of CGHH, WHO,CBM and the House Ear Institute; we were able to fund more WHD events than ever before. Check them out on our FB page.

And as always, we are @Coalition for Global Hearing Health (Facebook), @cghh_global (Twitter), and @globalhearinghealth (Instagram).

WHO Hearing Care FB page: Join the WHO hosted Facebook group, that will facilitate planning and conduct of WHD 2021 and WRH launch activities. In addition, it provides a platform to promote ear and hearing care to audiences worldwide. Use the #worldhearingday hashtag to connect with the WHO network.

Advocacy and awareness materials: The following materials are available through WHO website:

Social Media Hear-a-thon 2021: A 24-hour-long event will be organized on 3 March through the Facebook group. The event will provide an opportunity for all Member States and partners to share their activities at a global platform Details can be found on the FB group including specifications regarding images and videos to be posted.


World Report on Hearing Launch: WHD 2021 marks the historic launch of the first World Report on Hearing. Check out the preview here Highlighting priorities for ear and hearing care – World Report on Hearing ( Use the hashtag #hearingcare to connectwith WRH activities.   

Register your Event: If you have not already done so, please Register your World Hearing Day / World Report on Hearing event