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Daily updates Wed

Conference organizers will be on site Thursday.  We will have limited responses in the next 24 hours.

We have heard parking is available at no charge.  Limited spots but we hope it will work. 

WiFi is available.

If you like to check dress just look on the first page at last years photo.

Please note updated map links.

It is going to be great.


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Our program has been updated

The much closer to perfect program for our July 2014 conference is now published!  Please follow this link.
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1st World Congress on Ear and Hearing Care

New Delhi India: 12-14 February 2015

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Audiometers available for humanitarian use

The Coalition for Global Hearing Health still has some new portable audiometers that can be donated at no cost to humanitarian groups or person(s) to improve hearing health care services in developing countries. If you want to obtain one of these audiometers, please visit this page for further information and to submit an application.
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Conference Review

Thanks for participating in our 4th Annual Conference of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health!

The 4th Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference hosted by Vanderbilt University - Bill Wilkerson Center was an international resounding success.  Please view our conference highlights and view the final program (Program Book Final in PDF format). 


To advocate for hearing health services and policies, to equip and empower hearing healthcare professionals, families, educators, communities and the hearing impaired, and to encourage and perpetuate best practices.


To promote and enhance hearing health services in low-resourced communities


Join the Coalition movement to support our shared interest in hearing healthcare work and service that reaches low-resource communities.  As a member , you invest in the Coalition for Global Hearing Health efforts to improve Best Practices, Family/Community Empowerment, Embrace Technology, Enhance Education and Training, and Advocacy in related areas of hearing health.  


Our inaugural conference, held in June of 2010 at the headquarters of the American Academy of Otolaryngology in Alexandria Virginia was a great success. Representatives from 17 countries including professionals from all aspects of hearing healthcare, deaf educators and patient advocates met and discussed common interests. During our second conference at the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles we engaged in extended discussions about the highest priority concerns in hearing healthcare around the world and especially in low-resource settings. In the subsequent conferences at the EduPlex in Pretoria, South Africa and Vanderbilt University, we identified areas of need where the Coalition can have the most impact and further refined goals.  Now with committees established with designated chair-persons from around the world, the Coalition for Global Hearing Health is strategically positioned to reach consensus and accomplish the goal put forth. 

We have divided these goals into five categories: Advocacy and the Media, Training and Education, Technology, Best Practices, and Community / Family Empowerment. This year we continuted the tradition with breakout discussion sessions on these topics that will evolve into CGHH Steering Committees with the goal of continuing this work throughout the year.

The purpose of each annual conference is to enable us to come together to share the challenges we have faced and the solutions we have developed, to raise awareness of important issues and to explore new technologies to help us meet our goals. Thanks to your involvement and to the generous support of our past conference hosts, we continue our work to promote and enhance hearing health services in low resource communities.