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Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment Published Material

Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment run by the International Centre for Evidence in Disability at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in collaboration with local partners have just published material in ENT and Audiology News (Nov/Dec issue).

The theme of this issue is public health aspects of hearing loss.
The courses are supported by CBM and other donors.

Please follow the link:

University of Puerto Rico Audiology Program Requests After Hurricane Irma’s Destruction

University of Puerto Rico Audiology Program Requests After Hurricane Irma’s Destruction:

  • Stand-alone simulation software for individual computers
  • Stand-alone learning modules in CD or USB for individual computers
  • Battery operated equipment (e.g: otoscopes, audiometers, etc)
  • Case Studies Workbooks
  • Battery Back-ups and surge protectors to protect electronics during brown-outs and power surges
  • Volunteer guest lecturers willing to self-fund to be on-site in Puerto Rico
  • Audiology Programs within the contiguous U.S. willing to take in Puerto Rican students for Clinical Practice or Externships

Please contact:
Dr. Soami Santiago Snyder (
Dr. Wanda Lugo Velez (

Hearing Loss Resolution by World Health Assembly

I am most pleased to share that a resolution on hearing loss was discussed by the 70th World Health Assembly in Geneva on 30th May. A large number of Member States and 2 NGOs, many of them speaking on behalf of multiple Member States spoke in support of the resolution which was unanimously approved and adopted by the Assembly

Proceedings and statements can be viewed online from 3:51.00 (time) onwards.

This resolution will provide new direction and impetus to our efforts in this field. I thank all of you for your support till now and look forward to our continued collaboration and synergistic efforts for the implementation of this resolution in coming years.

WHO press release: