The purpose of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health is to improve ear and hearing health and the lives of people who are deaf or hard of hearing, especially those in low- and middle- income communities, by:

  • Advocating for appropriate and relevant policies throughout the world.
  • Defining best practices and disseminating resources for providers.
  • Convening stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and  networking.
  • Educating and empowering consumers, families, providers, and community members. 


To promote and enhance ear and hearing health services in low- and middle income communities.


The Coalition for Global Hearing Health would like to thank our Organizational Members for their support of our mission to promote and enhance ear and hearing health services in low and middle income communities.

World Wide Hearing Foundation International
Ears, Inc.
Hear The World Foundation
Imperial Education Medical & Social
Welfare Trust Sound Seekers


The Coalition for Global Hearing Health seeks members who have an interest in ear and hearing healthcare work and services that reach low and middle income communities. Members invest in the CGHH efforts to encourage and promote Global Standard of Care, empower Families and Communities, prudently proliferate Technology, enhance Education and Training, and Advocate in the related areas of ear and hearing health.


Since 2010 we have convened an annual conference to bring together people from around the world who are interested in improving ear and hearing health care in low-resource communities. Our conferences are built on a foundation of discussions about hearing health concerns in low and middle income areas and principles and solutions that have been developed to address, raising awareness of important issues related to hearing health, and exploration of new technologies to help us achieve our mission. Conference sessions are in English. Sign Language (ASL) interpreting and CART services are available for all sessions.


The Coalition for Global Hearing Health is a 501c3 nonprofit entity registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service.  The executive board of directors are:

Jackie L. Clark & James E. Saunders


Karl White

Information Technology:

David Molter


Lisa Kovacs & Paige Stringer


The fundamental goals of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health include: encouraging and promoting Global Standards of Care, empowering Families and Communities, prudently proliferating Technology, enhancing Education and Training, and Advocating in areas related to ear and hearing health. The CGHH has established the following Steering Committees to help meet these objectives.

Education and Training

Advancements in hearing health, audiology, neuroscience, hearing technology, and early identification and intervention programs have the potential to impact thousands of people with hearing loss globally. The Education and Training committee is comprised of a diverse group of CGHH members from different countries around the world who are committed to propagating such advancements and sharing information and expertise with low-resource areas. The committee collates and disseminates information which can then that can be transferred to others so that more people have the guidance, training, and resources they need to understand and address hearing loss. As one recent example, an international register of online and university-based resources in hearing health and related fields was developed to provide a guide for those seeking such educational opportunities.

Technology Access

Enhance hearing health through the use of current technology and prepare for what’s next. Explore ways that the CGHH promote the use of technology by raising awareness and defining reasonable goals and outcomes.

Family / Community Empowerment

Promote a family and community centered approach to hearing loss with social integration and awareness through effective services such as counseling, parent groups and community based habilitation programs.

Advocacy / Media

Enhance awareness of hearing loss as a global health priority through dissemination of epidemiological data as well as the societal, educational and economic impact of hearing loss. Explore and develop programs to enhance public relations for CGHH and hearing health services through traditional and social media.

Promote programs of and equip healthcare professionals with strategies for hearing loss prevention. Advocate for governmental policy that supports hearing health (but not limited to):

  • Providing direction to professionals, families, individuals to existing policy
  • Encourage dialogue and consensus amongst and between professionals globally to achieve topical policy

Global Standard of Care

  • Create best practice guidelines for the CGHH website.
  • Advocate for the ethical use of guidelines and reasonable outcome measures for all aspects of hearing health including, but not limited to:
    • Guidelines for humanitarian / outreach trips
    • Guidelines for medical providers
    • Guidelines for hearing health providers and technicians
    • Guidelines for family counseling and support
    • Guidelines for education and habilitation services (including all communication options)