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Keynote Address – World Report on Hearing and the Future of Ear and Hearing Care

Shelly Chandha, MBBS, MS, PhD

Hearing Health Advocacy and the World Hearing Forum

Diego Santana Hernandez, MD
Karen Reyes, MD
Amarilis Melendez, MD
Carolin Der, MD
Audra Renyi

New Frontiers of Hearing Loss Prevention

King Chung, PhD C-AAA
James Zachary Porterfield, MD
Adrian Fuente, MD
Joel Lavinsky, MD PhD
Clair Otero

Importance of Rehabilitation with Technological Advances in Developing Countries

Devangi Dalal
Jayant Ganhdi, Consulting Surgeon
Anu Sharma (edited)
Paige Stringer
Uma Soman