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World Hearing Day

Follow Events and Connect with over 50 CGHH / WHF World Hearing Day Small Grant Awardees on the CGHH Facebook page ( Thanks to the contributions of CGHH, WHO,CBM and the House Ear Institute; we were able to fund more WHD events than ever before. Check them out on our FB page.

And as always, we are @Coalition for Global Hearing Health (Facebook), @cghh_global (Twitter), and @globalhearinghealth (Instagram).

WHO Hearing Care FB page: Join the WHO hosted Facebook group, that will facilitate planning and conduct of WHD 2021 and WRH launch activities. In addition, it provides a platform to promote ear and hearing care to audiences worldwide. Use the #worldhearingday hashtag to connect with the WHO network.

Advocacy and awareness materials: The following materials are available through WHO website:

Social Media Hear-a-thon 2021: A 24-hour-long event will be organized on 3 March through the Facebook group. The event will provide an opportunity for all Member States and partners to share their activities at a global platform Details can be found on the FB group including specifications regarding images and videos to be posted.


World Report on Hearing Launch: WHD 2021 marks the historic launch of the first World Report on Hearing. Check out the preview here Highlighting priorities for ear and hearing care – World Report on Hearing ( Use the hashtag #hearingcare to connectwith WRH activities.   

Register your Event: If you have not already done so, please Register your World Hearing Day / World Report on Hearing event